Brushed Nickel Door Handles

When shopping brushed nickel door handles, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll need to consider how they look and how durable they are. You’ll also want to consider price, style, and durability. Using this information, you can make an informed decision on which door handle to purchase. Listed below are some of the most popular styles and price ranges. Take a look! You’ll find the perfect match for your home!

brushed nickel door handlesFeatures

Brushed nickel is an increasingly popular choice for door handles, knobs, and handles on other metal objects. Its honeyed grey colour closely mimics Stainless Steel but with a softer appearance. While brushed nickel is more appropriate for contemporary settings, it can also blend into more traditional settings. In addition, its durable construction makes it easy to clean and maintain. However, it can be costly to maintain, so it is important to consider your needs when choosing this type of finish. Check out

Brushed nickel is a widespread finish for doorknobs and levers that coordinate well with various interior designs. They are easy to clean and have a matt finish that reduces the visibility of fingerprints. Brushed nickel is a good choice for homes with a modern aesthetic because it can go with both streamlined and more ornate styles. It also adds a luxurious accent to interior doors. In addition, its sheen makes it stand out against dark hues and compliments a wide range of colour schemes.


Durability should be a primary concern when choosing brushed nickel door handles. There are two major types of brushed nickel finishes available on the market. The first type is solid brass, which has been around for decades and retains its high quality. On the other hand, chrome plating was introduced in the 1950s and is considered outdated. Both brushed nickel knobs are equally durable, but brass is generally stronger. As a result, it is recommended for heavier applications, while chrome plating is ideal for light-duty settings.

The finish of brushed nickel is very widespread and coordinates with most interior styles. It is also extremely easy to clean, thanks to its mattified finish. It requires only occasional cleaning to keep it looking new and beautiful. Brushed nickel door knobs provide an elegant accent to your interior doors, giving them a soft sheen that complements the rest of the d├ęcor. These door knobs are also highly resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting service. Check out


When choosing new door hardware, you need to keep in mind that the look and feel of these fixtures can change over time. Certain finishes, such as unlacquered brass and oil-rubbed bronze, are designed to develop a timeworn patina. Patina, however, is considered unattractive by some clients, so if you’d rather not see a change, you can choose between a mirror-like chrome or a deeply distressed antique brass finish. A solid black or dark oil-rubbed bronze finish may better suit a Craftsman-style home.


If you are looking for a new handle for your doors, brushed nickel door handles are the way to go. These door knobs have a softer appearance and come in a wide range of designs. Many people love the shiny, smooth finish of polished nickel, but it can also appear different depending on the lighting. If you’d like a slightly softer look, consider satin nickel. It’s easier to match with another decor and shows fewer water spots or wear than a polished nickel.

Where to buy

Durability is the most obvious factor to consider when purchasing brushed nickel doorknobs. You can find them in various finishes, including polished brass and plated brass. Solid brass knobs have been in use since the early 1900s and are widely used, while chrome plating came onto the scene in the 1950s and is now considered outdated. Either option offers excellent quality, but brass is stronger than chrome plating and is recommended for heavy-duty applications.

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