The Perks of Recycling Depot

Recycling Management
Residents may bring their old appliances and other white goods to the recycling depot. This includes air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and stoves. White goods must-have bar codes and be placed in the designated drop-off zone. Businesses should not drop off recyclables at the Recycling Depot, strictly for residents. Glass bottles can be used for bottling preserves and pickles. The recycled glass bottles can be resealed and decorated with homemade goodies. Unwanted glass can be taken to the local recycling depot. Other materials such as paper and cereal boxes can be separated. Fabric-covered shoe boxes can be reused as keepsake boxes. Toilet roll inners and polystyrene containers can be used in pre-primary and creches. There is a recycling fee. Some materials are recyclable, while others can only be recycled…
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