De Lorenzo Shampoo For A Difference In Your Tresses

Using Hair-Gang De Lorenzo shampoo is easy. Follow the directions on the bottle. Use your usual De Lorenzo shampoo to wash and rinse. Then, apply Nova Formosa shampoo and gently massage it into the hair. Leave in for up to five minutes before washing out.

Next, rinse with warm water. Use a soft bristle brush to detangle your hair. Finish with a good quality conditioner that suits your hair type and removes all the excess conditioner from your hair. If desired, leave it overnight and rinse the next day with another gentle, all-natural shampoo.


Hair-Gang De Lorenzo shampoo strengthens, hydrates, and protects hair from the sun’s UV rays. It minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and adds bounce and vibrancy to dry, damaged hair. It’s especially effective on dehydrated, brittle or limp hair. De Lorenzo Color Faded Shampoo can help protect the colour of your hair from fading prematurely. It leaves your locks shiny and vibrant looking.


De Lorenzo Color guard Shampoo should only be used on well-washed hair and scalp and should not be applied to split ends or coloured hair. The active ingredients are a blend of natural botanicals and enzymes, which work to strengthen the colour of your hair while protecting it from the sun’s damaging rays. The result is an even, rich colour and protection from damaging UV rays. This is ideal for those who spend much time outside and want to keep their colour and texture from fading with the changing seasons.


Using Hair-Gang De Lorenzo No Hair Shampoo regularly will help preserve the original colour of your tresses. It helps to protect your hair against damage and the elements and creates a beautiful sheen that will last for months. This is ideal for anyone wanting to keep their tresses looking soft and vibrant. De Lorenzo No Hair Shampoo does not condition your hair, as other sulphate based hair shampoos might do, but it does add extra moisture, leaving your locks feeling healthy and strong.


De Lorenzo has made it easier than ever before to get the best out of De Lorenzo’s exclusive hair colours. It has no mineral oil, talc or fragrance. The De Lorenzo colour guard system uses an advanced ceramic formula to protect your hair from damage while adding bounce and vibrancy. De Lorenzo Colour Guard Shampoo is infused with Vitamin E and C to help guard against colour fading from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It also provides nourishment, which is necessary for healthy-looking, vibrant locks.