Men’s Shoe Sizing And What To Consider When Buying New Ones

Men’s shoes are available in different styles and colours. Men’s footwear is designed differently and often take a longer time to create than women’s shoes. The most common design for Spendless mens shoes is the dress shoe, which includes boots and loafers, with some variations including slip-ons. Other designs include the classic style, the court shoe and the military-style.


A chukka is a type of shoe consisting of a rubber-soled upper, usually with canvas at the edge. Chukkahas are also called simply chukkas. Chukka shoes have been popular as a source of footwear for many years. Chukka boots are worn during the winter, as well as casual and dress shoes.


Espadrilles are a type of Spendless mens shoes with a round toe and flat rubber sole. Espadrilles are mainly used as work shoes, but they can also be fashionable footwear. The main feature of Espadrilles is that they come in three sizes. Espadrilles are available with a regular and an extra tall fit.


Balmorals are casual shoes that are popular with both men and women. Originally, balmorals were inspired by the Mediterranean island of Spain. Today, balmorals are casual shoes made with soft leather and a canvas upper, often with a round toe and some variation in the stitching on the shoe.

Running shoes

Commonly used by athletes and other people engaged in sports, running shoes are available in several sizes and designs. Popular brands like Adidas, Nike and Puma produce many popular running shoes. Running shoes are also classified according to their construction. Shoes made of soft leather are called runners, while shoes made of suede or nubuck are called trail runners. Runners have a smooth and flexible sole, while trail runners have a tougher sole and flexible midsole.

Work boots

A variety of work boots are available to choose from. From slip-on boots to solid boots, there is a large range of boots to choose from. Work boots can be worn for all kinds of activities, from office to field, from the factory to the warehouse. A popular style of work boot is slip-on boots, which can easily be converted to hiking boots.

Dress shoes

The term “dress” usually refers to casual or well-ventilated shoes. Dress shoes are normally made of canvas, usually on a linen material, and are not meant to be worn on more formal occasions. There are two main types of dress shoes – loafers and laced. To better understand how your dress shoes should fit, have your feet measured by a professional fitter to accurately determine which type of shoe would be best for the job.

Men’s shoes sizing chart

Spendless mens shoes sizes may vary according to the manufacturers. The most commonly used shoe sizes are US/ imperial (inches) and European (cm) shoe sizes. For more accurate shoe sizes, it is strongly recommended to consult a professional shoe fitter.