A Modern and Efficient Kitchen Appliance

If you’re looking for a modern and efficient kitchen rangehood, look no further than a Schweigen rangehood. Its power-efficient iso drive 650 system runs 62 watts, while traditional systems need over 190 watts to produce suction. As a result, it makes Schweigen range hoods up to three times more energy efficient than conventional models. In addition, LED lights emit virtually no heat, while halogen bulbs consume 25+ watts.

Adelaide Appliance Gallery Schweigen rangehoodSchweigen SteelFlex(tm)

The revolutionary design of Schweigen SteelFlex(TM), a high-performance safety ducting system, delivers a whisper-quiet operation indoors. Its energy-efficient, soft-touch controls complement a digital display, five-speed levels, and an automatic shut-off timer. And it comes with a lifetime warranty. And when it comes to performance, it’s hard to beat the Schweigen SteelFlex(tm) rangehood.

The Shirikon Firemesh finish on the ducting system protects kitchens from harmful smoke particles and vapours. The ducting system is made of ultra-flexible, tear-resistant, and UV-treated steel. The resulting ducting system allows high volume temperature-sensitive air transfers without sacrificing quality. Plus, it’s quieter and better-looking than ever.

Powerful Isodrive(r) motor

Designed in Europe, Schweigen Silent range hoods feature the revolutionary SteelFlex high-performance safety ducting, designed for discreet installation within cabinetry. This technology produces virtually silent operation inside your home, thanks to the rangehood’s powerful Isodrive motor. The patented technology is also remarkably efficient – it uses up to three times less energy than conventional motors. The motors are also equipped with an auto-shutoff timer to eliminate any potential danger of overheating. In addition to powerful extraction, the range hoods feature high-performance safety ducting.

The Isodrive(r) motor in Schweigen’s range hoods is an exclusive technology that allows the range hood to operate quietly and efficiently. This feature is patented and allows the range hood to operate in total silence – unlike other similar models. In addition, the system’s motor is mounted outside to prevent the ambient environment from overpowering it. This technology also enables the rangehood to be more efficient, which is especially useful for people who have smaller kitchens.

Stainless steel dishwasher-safe filters

The Schweigen WM2190S rangehood features a sleek, pyramid-shaped canopy and stainless steel finish. Stainless steel selector switches on the canopy control the fan’s speed. Dishwasher-safe filters minimize grease lodgement. A lifetime warranty protects the filter from damage. The stainless steel baffles feature a German-engineered Isodrive(r) motor for silent, efficient steam and smoke extraction.

The most effective filter for a range hood is the mesh type. Mesh filters trap grease particles and allow maximum airflow without compromising on noise. In addition, these range hood filters are dishwasher-safe and can withstand up to a complete cycle of use. If you do not plan on dishwashing, consider a stainless steel dishwasher-safe filter to keep your range hood in good condition. They will protect your appliances and improve your health.

Easy to install

The Adelaide Appliance Gallery Schweigen rangehood is a simple-to-install kitchen appliance. Its ducted system can be installed without any holes in your walls or ceiling. Its smooth ducting minimizes air turbulence to increase the efficiency of its fan. It also occupies less space than an ordinary rangehood. In addition, the range hood has a comprehensive warranty to ensure you are happy with its performance. To learn more, check out our installation guide.

The Schweigen iso drive 650 system uses only 62 watts for operation, as opposed to the 190 watts of conventional systems. Consequently, this makes it up to three times more energy-efficient than other comparable rangehoods. On the other hand, LED lighting only consumes 1.8 watts compared to over 25 watts used by traditional halogen lights. Lastly, these rangehoods are quieter as well.

Compared to traditional rangehoods, the Schweigen iso drive 650 system is remarkably energy efficient. With a power consumption of only 57 watts, this range hood requires less than half the power of conventional models. It means that you will be able to save money on your power bill. Plus, you will enjoy quiet operation. And since halogen lights emit heat, you’ll feel much less discomfort when using the Schweigen rangehood.

Aside from the silent operation, Adelaide Appliance Gallery Schweigen rangehood has other benefits. Its four-extraction power means it can effectively capture steam, oil and grease particles in the air. Other features of this rangehood include a soft-touch electronic control panel, wide-angle LED lighting system and automatic power-off system. It also requires minimal maintenance. You only need to wipe it down with a micro cloth once in a while, and the fan won’t even make a peep!

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