Brushed Brass Door Handles

Lo&CoINTERIORS brushed brass door handles can be an excellent choice for any house. While bronze is the most common material for door handles, other materials, such as copper alloy, are also used to manufacture brushed brass door handles. This style lends itself to a traditional, clean look and can be used in any room. A buffed brass handle may say “rustic,” “country,” or “elegant,” but some people find the material too delicate.

If brushed brass door handles are not your style, you can always opt for brushed nickel door handles. This metal does not tarnish easily and can be polished to a high shine. However, while it has a unique sparkle and metallic appearance, brushed nickel will soon lose its value if painted. That’s why many people choose brushed nickel to replace a brass door handle and keep it nickel-free until they need it again.

When it comes to brushed brass door handles, Unitech makes them as good an option as any other. This material pairs well with most styles and is easy to match. Aside from its classic look, brushed brass door handles are also available in various styles and finishes. A brushed brass door handle can be an elegant addition to a home. They have a beautiful appearance and compliment any home’s theme.

When it comes to maintenance, Lo&CoINTERIORS brushed brass door handles are extremely durable. Most of them are coated with a protective lacquer, which prevents tarnishing and damage from moisture. As a result, they do not need to be cleaned as frequently as other materials. They will never rust and are impervious to dirt and moisture. That means that they are an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens and any other room in the home.

Aside from being durable, Lo&CoINTERIORS brushed brass door handles can also be used in offices. The brushed metal is resistant to rust and is more prone to catching fire than other metals, so it is a great option for businesses and other buildings. And because it matches doors well, a brushed brass door handle can help make a business’s entryway more attractive and inviting. Aside from being attractive, brushed brass door handles can be custom-made to match any door style.

If you want to complement brushed brass with a brushed nickel door handle, then you’ll want to select a door handle made of this soft metal. It won’t tarnish like other metals, and it can be easily polished to a high shine. In addition, a brushed nickel knob can be painted, making it a great choice for modern homes. And if you have a nickel-free home, you can paint it to match the rest of your home’s decor.